9 thoughts on “1and1 Incompetence, Day 127

  1. Hello! Is it okay that I go a bit off topic? I am trying to read your website on my iPod Touch but it doesn’t display properly, any suggestions? Thanks for the help I hope! Lizbeth

  2. My websites are mostly with Host Gator for quite a while now and think they deliver a premium service. Nowadays most of the hosting companies do a good job and there are only a handful that really stand out negatively.

  3. These people are total idiots. They never leave a message when they call. They won’t respond to my emails because my email address is based on a fowarder.
    I finally told them to close my account and never contact me again. However, now I am worried I can’t get my domain name transferred.

  4. I have been a 1and1 customer with over 20 clients since 2005 and I have had these same issues and many many more with 1and1 including double invoicing and a myriad of other billing issues that are totally their mistakes since 2009. It has been almost non-stop drama with them every month. I am currently going through yet another month long billing issue for a paid invoice that I have paid 5 times already using 3 different payment methods and I just now got a call from this number and did a Google search that linked me to this page, so that means the billing issue is clearly STILL unresolved when I have personally spoken to them on the phone myself and personally paid the $23 invoice over and over and over again more times than I care to think about for the last week solid, not doing anything else I need to do because this is STILL unresolved!!!!

    I’ve been delaying switching over all 20 something websites to a new host because its going to be a huge series of problems too, but I’m so done with this nonsense every month.

    The stress is ridiculous and this is all a massive waste of my time.

    Thank you for posting about your troubles. They don’t ever fix the problems and they turn off ALL the sites in the entire contract even when THEY make an $8 mistake you refuse to pay them for and every time a payment issue occurs!

    Another thibg i hate aboyt 1and1 is that they invoice then deduct the money literally the same day five minutes later so I had to set up my client’s billing to be 60 days in advance to give them the normal 30 days to pay and still give me 30 days to transfer the payment into the account I have set up for 1and1 to track everything they do so they can’t screw me over for hundreds of dollars every year anymore. That was the solution after many years of issues upon issues with their billing.

    Still it doesn’t solve all the problems. It’s like working in the Twilight Zone in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle “working with” 1and1.com!!!

    I’m so sorry you are having these problems.

    NameCheap.com is only $10 per year, and I can’t say I know ANYTHING about their hosting services at all so I am NOT RECOMMENDING ANYONE. but its an option. Also a couple if my web developer buddies use “gator” something, and all my sites are going through elsewhere ASAP after this last billing fiasco. GoDaddy is way too expensive, but they have been reducing their rates, and they are American owned and operated out of Scottsdale, Arizona, so they are solid too. Some of my clients use them. I would if they weren’t so expensive.

    Good luck.

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