1and1 Incompetence, Day 143

As of today, there has been absolutely no additional activity in my account. The credits promised by David Rubel have not appeared in my account and a corrected invoice has not been issued, so i still do not have anything to pay.

And yet, they are trying to bill me! For what, I wonder, since there is no indication anywhere in my account of actual current charges!

April 30, 2009 3:03 AM:

Dear Brian Gothard,

We recently contacted you regarding a declined payment or an expired credit/debit card and have not yet heard back from you. Our records indicate that there is an unpaid balance in your 1&1 customer account: KXXXXXXXX

A recent payment may not have gone through due to a simple error, such as an expired credit card or incorrect settings in your PayPal account.

Please update or correct your billing information in your 1&1 Control Panel within the next 7 days to avoid any downtime of your package.

In order to do this, please go to https://admin.1and1.com

1. Log in to the Control Panel with your customer ID or a domain name from one of your packages and your password.

2. On the ‘Account’ page, click on ‘User Settings’ > ‘Payment Method’ and select the payment method that you are currently using.

If you are using a credit card, select ‘Credit Card’ and proceed as follows:

Check that your payment details are correct. If they are correct as is or if you re-enter the same credit card details, please send a reply to this e-mail confirming that you have checked the current information and no update on your part is required. We will then charge the outstanding balance to your credit/debit card.

If your payment details are incorrect or outdated, please update your information and click on ‘Save’. There is no need to contact 1&1 as a new debit will be attempted automatically.

If you are using a PayPal account, please select PayPal and then click ‘Go to PayPal’.

Log into your PayPal account and verify your data under ‘My Account Profile’.

Please make sure to update your information in the next 7 days to avoid downtime. If we do not receive full payment in 7 days, we will freeze your 1&1 package(s) in accordance with our terms and conditions. If your package(s) are frozen it may take up to 1 business day to reactivate them once the matter is resolved.

Please be aware that if this matter is not resolved, you may be sent to a debt collection agency. If the account is sent to a debt collection agency an $18.95 charge will be added to the unpaid balance.

For further details, please find attached a payment reminder note in PDF. It can be opened and printed with the help of the Acrobat Reader. Click here to download Acrobat Reader:


If you have any questions, you can e-mail us at 1&1 Internet Inc. billing@1and1.com.

Or you can reach us Monday through Friday (except holidays) 9am to 5pm EST at 1-877-300-8316 when calling from within the US or Canada. International customers can reach us at 1-610-560-1621. Your normal long distance calling rates apply.

We will be glad to assist you in clarifying any questions you may have.


Your 1&1 Team
1&1 Internet Inc.

And I forwarded it to my list of a dozen or so email addresses at 1and1 with the following reply:

And this is my reminder that once again you have not followed through on your promises.

There is still not a VALID, CORRECT invoice in my account available for payment.

There is no indication in my account that any additional credits have been issued.

There is still a Late Fee showing in my account.

There has, in fact, been absolutely no change in the two weeks since I was promised a resolution, proving that you never intended to do anything more than convince me to give you a credit card so you could STEAL money from me.

1and1 is once again proving my point that you cannot be trusted with any automatic access to my payment accounts.

This message states that you “have not yet heard back from” me. Well, you have heard from me repeatedly and loudly. You just choose to ignore me.

You are still proving either your incompetence or your larceny.

And since you still cannot get your act together and supply me with a valid invoice, I expect any day for my account to lock up again, once again denying me access to that which I legally own.

ANY limits placed on my access to my completely paid domains will be fully documented to support my case against 1and1 for breach of duty, breach of trust and breach of contract.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with:

That is the short list. I am sure there are plenty of angles. You have done such an atrocious job of handling this problem that the hard part will be deciding which direction to come in from.

I am sick of useless promises and lies.

Is there a single competent person in your Billing Department?

Brian Gothard

Stay tuned for further developments!

6 thoughts on “1and1 Incompetence, Day 143

  1. Just thought you’d get a giggle (!) out of what is happening to me right now.
    After two years of being locked into the contract, I have been trying to get in touch with the billing department, which is only answered M-F, 9-5 EASTERN time. Ironically, the main reason I chose these people two years ago, was because they claimed a 24 hour telephone services. I had already made four calls trying to pay, but missing the correct time. I have been “with” them for two years, because last time year, because when attempting to order, their ordering process confused me,and I ended up with five or six different accounts. I still ended up with THREE accounts for my family, rather than three domain names. At the end of the year, when I tried to cancel, telling them that their tech support was so bad, and the service so slow, I was never able to even get my own site up. They “gave” me two “free” months for my website, to try to give me time to plow through it.
    Of course, when they didn’t actually get it, I was also “into” my second year. I will not recount the horrors I actually went through the first year. This time, I WILL cancel. HAH!

    First call: I called up this morning. I followed voice prompts, choosing the one that said “for cancellation or changes, press 3.” This was immediately followed by a recording telling me that they were “unable” to help me and I must do this online.

    Second call: I called again.
    1.This time, I chose sales, where I was assured of getting someone to answer. I told them I needed to find out how much I owed.
    2. I was transferred to billing. Billing told me I had to be transferred to “1 and 1 services.”
    3. A woman answered, told me she needed all my info again, AND my password. I was then put on hold.
    4. A man answered, telling me he was tech support. I told him I was waiting for someone to tell me EXACTLY how much I owed. He told me I had been transferred to the wrong department.
    5. I was then transferred to a man who then started all over again, and when I told him he was the fifth person I had been transferred to, he gave me another number to “call directly.”

    Third Call: All this does is a very LOUD, pulsing, scratchy, claxon-like busy tone.
    Fourth, fifth, and six calls: I just thought I’d see if it were really a busy tone.

    I am going to try again. I hate this company.

    • I think that loud tone is the fax line. Document everything, and I mean everything, and fax it to that number. Get a confirmation. Then email it, and fax them the emails. I repeat, document everything. 1and1 is a bunch of scam artists and you have to force any action. And keep in mind that telephone calls do not create documentation for your records. They lie. I refused to call them. I made David Rubel email me everything so I had it in writing.

  2. Now I am being told that I have a “late charge” of $18.98, because when I called Thursday, Friday,over the weekend, and yesterday I was told that there was no way to make payment without a credit/debit card. (I had had back surgery, and was missing my card.) When i spoke with them yesterday, being concerned that the site I HAD managed to get together for my son (it was a birthday present, but he complained that he couldn’t take it over, because it was “too difficult”), I was told, “try to get [the payment] in sometime this week.” No warning of late fees, etc.

    I am right now on hold again, having been told that they can only ‘cancel’ the account if I pay the past due, AND the late fee, which was put on two days ago (on a SUNDAY, when you can’t pay).

    Just went round and round with “DJ” or “TJ.” He said he would refund the $18.92, which it turns out has already been assessed on the account I didn’t want to cancel.

    I had forgotten, in the frustration of trying to talk to the right department, about what had happened over the weekend: When I tried to pay for my “significant other” online, we tried using his debit card. We would put everything in, and then “save,” and it would repeat “IMPORTANT! An error occurred. To continue, please see below for further instructions. This credit card cannot be accepted. Please check your data.”

    So of course, we didn’t continue with trying to pay the rest of the accounts. So to then get charged $18.92 because of this, just sent me ballistic. BTW, it actually HAD accepted the card and payment!

    So now I have two charges of $48.92 charged to my account. They tell me that they would charge it back to me in around ten days. Guess the interest is good enough for them to make a profit on it? Alsona funny thing. They would talk to me without compunction when I tried to PAY my partner’s account, but now when i wanted to know how much they charged him, “We can’t talk to you about this, because you are not the owner of the account.” No, because of the way they had me set it up.

    So I am now TWO YEARS into my battle with them. I never did get it cleared up about the two free months I was supposed to be getting……

    Didn’t mean to take over your blog here, Brian. I guess I should transfer this to my own.

    Good luck!

    • I set this site up specifically to allow people to rant about companies like this, so do not apologize. Hopefully your story will convince someone else to think long and hard before doing business with these scammers.

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