IRS Phone Scam Expands Nationwide; Over $1 Million Stolen from Consumers’s Jason Rzucidlo received dozens of calls from someone claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). After doing some investigating, I learned this is part of a nationwide scam in which thousands of Americans have been ripped off by over $1 million. My report has caught the attention of both the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The scammer claims to be with the IRS and instructs you to purchase a prepaid gift card or money order and send the money immediately. If not, you will be arrested and thrown in jail for up to six months. However, the whole thing is a hoax. The IRS never calls or e-mails anyone — they only send letters via regular mail.

KOAT TV: National Jewelry Buyers Offers Tips on Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Good advice to help you select the right place to sell your gold jewelry. In this report on the 10pm news, KOAT TV 7 features National Jewelry Buyers as one of the reputable gold buyers in Albuquerque. Melissa Mahan interviews its owner and a customer, and offers some tips to help consumers avoid getting ripped off by some unscrupulous gold buyers.