Singlehop Incompetence: WEEKS of Downtime!

I just wanted to give a quick update on Singlehop’s incompetence.  I made my first post on this issue two weeks ago, and Singlehop has still not straightened out their nameserver problems.  That means I still have a dozen sites completely offline.

I repeat: Singlehop sucks!  Any competent tech support department at a hosting company should be able to fix nameserver problems in a day, not weeks or months as this problem has dragged on.

Avoid Singlehop.  Stay away from Singlehop.

Singlehop Review: Singlehop Stinks!

Sorry we have been offline so much over the last two months.  I will try to post more details as soon as possible, but suffice it to say that Singlehop has to be the most inept hosting company out there.  I am not a direct customer of Singlehop.  I spent the first month berating and abusing the company I paid for the hosting.  Then I started investigating the problems myself, and discovered that they were migrating their operation to Singlehop as part of their service package, and Singlehop has completely failed in transferring the hosting.

I will not mention the company I paid for my hosting, because after working very closely with their tech support over the last month, I can truly say that they are also getting ripped off by Singlehop.  Singlehop has kept those guys working ridiculous hours trying to sort out all of the problems caused by the incompetent way this was handled.

Admittedly, this was not a simple migration.  It involved dozens of servers with hundreds of IP addresses and possibly thousands of sites.  But, come on…  Isn’t this what Singlehop does every day?  Set up servers, assign IPs, migrate domains?  How can it possibly take over two months to perform part of your core business?

Like I said, I plan to add more detail when I can get the time to do it, but right now I have several dozen more sites to get off of those Singlehop servers, since they are evidently completely incapable of restoring service.